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The booming market of applications is ruling the world. In this fast-paced lifestyle, people are using mobile apps more than websites.

Naman Acharya

September 5, 2022

The booming market of applications is ruling the world. In this fast-paced lifestyle, people are using mobile apps more than websites. According to Statista, the global app market revenue will be $420 billion in 2022.

Apps have become a major part of the digital era. There are varieties of technology and platforms available for the development of your application. But who will develop your application? 

An app developer will build your application by performing various tasks such as coding, designing, checking, updating, and providing end-user support. But do you know how to hire an app developer?

Let's decode everything in this blog about hiring an app developer.

1. Why Do You Need To Hire An App Developer?

Hiring an app developer is not necessary if you have complete programming knowledge. It will be comfortable and money-saving for you.

Usually, the development of an application requires a team because in today's time they are more than a simple UI. And it requires more than a single developer to work on complex applications which provide highly customized services, interactive UI/UX, strict security features, and much more.

2. Benefits of Hiring an App Developer

App developers help companies to have an easy workflow. Therefore, hiring them will offer you lots of benefits. Here they are.

Are you searching for professionally skilled developers to hire?

Reach out to hire an offshore developer's team who are working with the latest technologies and can provide you with a free consultation as well. They are the best specialists in the IT sector.

3. Essential Skills For Hiring An App Developers

4. Ways To Hire An App Developer

There are 3 ways to hire an application developer. Here they are:

  • Hiring In-house

Usually, it is an option to hire an app developer as a team member. If you already have a team and require a few more team members, then create a job interview for selecting the right person. It is costly but the best option when you have a small and medium business.

Pros Cons 
More convenient
Extra administration cost
Quick changes
Lack of exposure
Easy to complete urgent tasks
Time management problem
Promotes team building
Extra working hours
No language or cultural boundaries
Staff turnover
  • Hiring A Freelancer 

This option is becoming popular among people who wish to have effective application development. Software development companies get a chance to work with specialists by hiring freelancers for a project. They charge less than the in-house developers of a company.

Upwork, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, and many more websites are available for you to hire app developers.

Pros Cons
Access to top talent
Lack of commitment
High-quality work
Lack of supervision
Reduced financial risk
Security risk
Money saving
Non-exclusive contracts
Worldwide reach
Inconsistent payment methods
  • Hire An Outsource Team

Outsourcing is a great way to develop your application or a project on time. Outsource team leverages expertise in work and stays within a budget (or cost-effective). They work on a contractual basis and deliver the best quality products for a company.

Low recruitment costs
Less consistency
Increased Scalability
lack of flexibility
Analytics and Reporting
Confidentiality and security risk
Increase Productivity
Communication issues
Global compliance with hiring
Lack of control

5. Where To Find An App Developer For a Project?

There are several places to find app developers. An online platform is the best place for hiring where you will find more than thousands of IT firms, startups, and freelancers from all over the world. Here is a list of some places to hire developers.

Developer Type Platforms
Hire full-time app developers
Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Dice
Hire Freelancers Developers
Youteam, Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr
Hire Designers Dribble, Behance
Hire An AgencyClutch.co, B2B Marketing, Relevance 

If you are wishing to hire an offshore developer for a project, find them in the six best countries mentioned here:

These are the platforms and countries that are mostly used by development companies to hire app developers. You can fill up the form as well if you are thinking of hiring developers for your project.

6. Common Mistakes While Hiring Developers

Several people make mistakes, but those who learn from them are the real winners. Here are some common mistakes that companies make during the recruitment process. Take a look and improve your hiring workflow.

7. Things To Consider While Hire App Developers

There are some important factors that you should know before hiring an app developer. It is not an easy task to perform immediately; it takes time to process. Hence, the points mentioned below are significant ones to consider.

  • Research the Hiring Platform

You have to find online platforms for hiring app developers. Upwork is a freelancing platform for app developers, Dribble and Behance are for hiring designers, and Clutch and Goodfirms are B2B platforms.

  • App Development Goals

With extensive research, you have to be assured of the application type, its complexity, and its revenue model. An application can be paid or free, and you have to make a choice. The free app doesn't require a single penny from users, but on the other side, the paid application requires money to use an app.

  • App Development Budget

You should be aware of the budget before you start investing it in the hiring process. How much you have to invest will depend on the type of application (simple or complex), the development platform (iOS or Android), and the app design.

  • Find Useful Resources

Hiring is not only limited to developers, you have to make research before hiring them. Whether it is an individual developer or a development team, make sure they are competent and trustworthy with their work.

  • Choose Wisely

Selecting an app developer or an offshore developer is not a piece of the cake. Different developers have their pros and cons with various aspects. Hence, you have to acquire in-depth business knowledge. Make a choice between dedicated resources and freelance developers.

The level of competence, dedication, affordability, and data security are the factors on which you have to make a decision.

  • Development Time

It plays a major role in deciding the mobile application's success. The quick development of an app brings you more time to deploy and start the marketing of your app.

8. Step By Step Process To Hire App Developers

  • Examine the Developer's Portfolio

You need to check the developer's past work experience and portfolio to see their performance on other projects. You will discover a lot about them from their previous job, website, or clutch profile.

  • Discover Development Approach

Searching for an application developer that will fit your project, requires your development approaches. App developers or teams have different methods and approaches. With the development life cycle, developers divide and organize the work for an easy and quick process.

  • Discover Technologies

You have to find the tools and technologies they use or work with. Before hiring a developer, check whether he is aware of the particular technology or not. 

  • Conversation With the Team

While hiring an app developer or a team, check their potential difficulties or character flaws, as it can create unexpected arguments during the work. The developer's portfolio and working experience will not be worthy if he is not capable to deal with it on a personal level.

  • Keep Communicating

A communication gap can create a problem in your project. Developers living in different time zones can be the biggest factor in miscommunication. Hence, make sure your interaction is not disturbed by these factors.

9. Average Salary of App Developers

The IT sector is the fastest growing industry where app developers are in high demand. Here is an average salary calculation, according to Business of Apps research. Let's take a look.

  • US mobile app developer: $121k/year
  • Indian mobile app developer: $4k/year

On the other side, there is an hourly charge for an app developer as well. Here is a list.

Country Hourly Rate 
1. USA $150/hour
2. UK$100-$120/hour
3. India$30/hour
4. Western Europe$125/hour
5. Eastern Europe$70

Smartphones have become a part of our life; on the other hand, mobile apps have become the backbone of a business. The best thing is that it is now part of a never-ending process.

This guide will help you in hiring dedicated developers for your project and a company as well. Since you have a limited budget for a project, then hiring an app developer can be a good decision.

A software development company always considers the applications developed with the latest tools and technologies. Find an app developer who will make your business grow more.

FAQ's For Hire App Developers

You can hire app developers from Upwork and Freelancer.com. They are highly recommended platforms for hiring mobile app developers or a team for your project and offer a secured payment system as well.

Applications will be helpful for businesses to connect with a large number of customers and offer them more convenient services. For instance, e-commerce industries are providing a more personalized experience for their valuable customers through mobile application development.

Generally, three to nine months is an average app development time, but your application complexity and its structure will determine the duration of your project.

More than 18% of Android app developers earn over $5000/month. On the other side, the same amount is earned by 25% of iOS developers as well. A game development company is earning millions through its high-tech game applications.

As you can see, mobile app usage is growing with each passing day. According to research, 49% of people open an app more than 11 times a day. Mobile app revenue is predicted to generate over $935 billion by 2023.


Naman Acharya

Project Manager at Vasundhara Infotech, a leading software development company. His decision-making and communication skills resulted in successful projects.


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Have a project in mind? Drop a message to Bansi Pipaliya & start the discussion!

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