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Offshore developers are those who are from overseas countries and work freely on their projects. They help businesses grow more efficiently.

Naman Acharya

June 21, 2022

An organization's most valuable asset is its skilled team. They create effective and user-friendly applications that provide businesses with new prospects.

These days, businesses are moving towards digitization, and hiring offshore developers is one of the best options for a project. Instead of increasing in-house staff for application development, you will get more flexibility in your work with offshore developers.

What is Offshore Development?

The term "Offshoring" has sprouted from the concept of outsourcing in overseas countries. Offshore development means sharing your workload or developing a project with an external company or a team outside your home country. And it includes hiring offshore developers for a project.

Who Are Offshore Developers?

Developers who work on a project from overseas countries are known as "offshore developers". They work freely from the comfort of their home, and companies that have hired them do not need to provide any resources for work, except the project details.

Why Hire An Offshore Development Team?

Hiring an offshore development team for your project can be one of the best options. According to NxTide research, offshore software developers were 1 million in 2021 and this number will increase to 2.2 million by 2030. Take a look at the key points for a quick overview. 

1. Low Labor Cost:

One of the reasons for sourcing developers overseas is low labor costs. Whereas working with an in-house team can be challenging and costly as well. As a result, startups and businesses can avoid unnecessary overhead costs and focus on other projects.

2. Efficiency:

The offshore developers whom you hire are specialists in their field. Hence, hiring them will be a plus point as they can implement their skills and expertise to deliver better results.

3. Globalization:

Hiring developers across the world helps you to increase your business reach. You can use the time zone difference as an advantage to work for 24 hours a day with offshore developers.

4. Manage Peak Demands:

It is a tough task to focus on work while staying updated and competitive. And to stay ahead of competitors, businesses can embrace the latest development market trends with offshore developers.

Benefits Of Sourcing Developers Overseas



Offshore developers are experts in providing affordable solutions for your project. Take a look at some of the benefits they offer you:

1. On-Time Project Delivery

A team of skilled offshore developers focuses on utilizing the best resources (technology, workforce, etc.) and delivering projects on time. Moreover, they provide regular updates on their work.

2. Improved Quality And Performance

Working with offshore developers may bring you better applications with different perspectives and experiences. And this fresh approach to your project will improve the performance and quality.

3. Customizable Solutions

Offshore developers provide tailored solutions for businesses, ensuring that they can reach their goals and objectives on time. And the use of cutting-edge technologies enables firms to expand their services online.

4. Access To The Global Talent Pool

An offshore development team works as a global talent pool where you can hire a wide range of talented and skilled developers or programmers for your project. And they help in building applications better than your competitors.

5. Cost-Efficiency

Working with an in-house team can be challenging and costly as well. Hence, software development work in an offshoring company that has experienced developers will be best. As a result, startups and businesses can avoid unnecessary overhead costs and focus on other projects.

Offshore Developers Vs. In-house: Which One To Choose?

For the development of the project, you can have both options- Hiring offshore developers or in-house developers. Have a look at both of them.



Checklist For Businesses- To Hire Offshore Developers

1. Define Your Needs And Goals

First, you should know what are your requirements and how to outsource your project. This is an essential step, but many do not consider it as they should.

You must have to prepare a list of needs and goals for your project, that will help you to differentiate the necessary from nice-to-have. This step will give you a clear view of how you want the project to turn out.

2. Define Your Budget

Without knowing your budget, you will not be able to hire an offshore developer for your project. Because each developer's payment rates differ according to their work and location. You need to ensure the total price includes the company's services and infrastructure.

3. Reach Out To Preferred Developers

Once you have discovered what your project would be like, how you will outsource it, and from which location you want to outsource, it is time to identify the remote developers that would fit your project requirement. 

If it is a software development firm, visit their website to find the portfolio and view the past projects they handled. And for individual freelancers, request their resumes and portfolios too.

There are a few key points you must consider when hiring them:

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Past Clients
  • Value
4. Evaluate The Skillset

Before hiring offshore developers for a project you should know their abilities to work. There are different ways to conduct assessments to evaluate candidates such as questionnaires, coding tests, and work reviews.

5. Finalize Work Conditions And Legal Agreements

In this last stage of the hiring process, you must have selected a developer/company already. Now you have to establish the work conditions without ignoring the legal terms. You need to consider the following types of legal documents in your agreement: 

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Service level agreement
  • Statement of work
  • Software requirements specifications

Best Locations To Hire Offshore Developers

There are several offshore countries to select for your project, but they have their challenges and advantages. You have to shortlist countries that fit your project. Mentioned below are the trusted regions offering the leading offshore development services. 

1. Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a reliable IT outsourcing destination because it is a cost-effective and growing talent pool for developers. They are well-versed in programming languages with great commercial expertise. In this region, popular IT hubs are Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Romania, and many more.

2. Latin America

This region is best for sourcing skilled professional developers. It has a steep growth in the field of the development industry. Some of the business-friendly countries in Latin America are Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

3. Asia

Asia is one of the biggest outsourcing destinations and the best option for startups who are looking for offshore developers. There are more than 7 million developers in this region. India, China, and the Philippines are the countries with over 4 million developers.

How To Find The Best Offshore Development Team?



There are several ways or platforms to find the best offshore development team. We have mentioned some of them here.

1. Tech Company Directories

Many websites, such as Clutch, G2, Upcity, ITFirms, and GoodFirms, are excellent resources for finding software development contractors for your business.

They are beneficial as they take reviews seriously and verify them. You can check the background projects of a potential partner and look for verified reviews.

2. Freelance Websites

Businesses look for freelancer sites when they have smaller projects to complete or their budget is limited for the development process.

One of the best freelancer sites is Upwork. It always has several software development customers.

3. Work With Development Agencies Directly

Sourcing the best offshore development center that will fulfill all your project requirements is a challenging task but it will be very helpful for you if you find one. Because they are excellent at managing and communicating offshore development services.

They have streamlined their process to be clear and transparent- and there is a single point of contact that is reliable for all your project milestones.

4. LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter

One of the ways to have a great project is to use these websites.

IT companies are actively publishing their open source projects, technological blogs, and services on social media platforms. Software development firms that stagnate in the old knowledge are never the best option. Hence, always look for active and curious development teams.

5. Evaluate Properly

You get quotes from several development agencies, but you need to make sure to evaluate your project scope correctly. Many developers use bait and switch tactics for telling you the project that will take X money and time, only later to re-evaluate it and insist on 5X.


In this blog, we have covered all about sourcing developers overseas including what are they, how they will benefit you, and where you can find them. Hiring offshore developers for a project is beneficial to companies and startups as well. They most importantly help you in scaling the business and increasing its productivity.

Offshore development company employees use the latest technologies with ease and work on a project until completion. Their expertise reduces the development time of an application or a product. Start building your projects with offshore developers today.

FAQ's For Hire Offshore Developers

The average hourly rate for hiring offshore developers in the US is around $53 per hour, and in Eastern Europe, it is around $20–30 per hour.

Hire offshore developers to develop a project on time with low labor costs and better results. You have a chance to globalize or increase your business reach and stay updated and competitive as well.

With offshore development benefits, you will have some challenges as well. Hiring an offshore development team will let you experience time zone differences, communication and language issues, cultural and social differences, and geographical location.

You have to shortlist countries to start your offshore development project. Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia are the top locations from which most businesses hire offshore developers for their projects.

Denmark is the top country with the highest demand for developers. Their life satisfaction and work-life balance scores were 7.5 and 9.8 respectively.

India, Philippines, and Argentina have a lowest rates for build the software but the India is a one of the good country for develop software. The average software developer salary in India is $7.45 per hour and average salary per year is $39,478


Naman Acharya

Project Manager at Vasundhara Infotech, a leading software development company. His decision-making and communication skills resulted in successful projects.


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Have a project in mind? Drop a message to Bansi Pipaliya & start the discussion!

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