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Digitalization is a more in-depth transformation of businesses using digital processes rather than traditional ones.

Bansi Pipaliya

April 20, 2023

Many traditional businesses run their operations on paper. But shuffling paperwork wastes a lot of time and can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. When business was predominantly done on paper, mailrooms used to be the communication powerhouse of any business, and executives operated on the reminders of their secretaries.

Today, all of these paper-based business processes can be automated within a company, taking care of these time-killing practices.

With the recent transition from paper to paperless, businesses can streamline their operations, remain competitive, and stay ahead of the curve.

In the 21st century, developing software for your company is almost a necessity for survival.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon have demonstrated what it means to develop high-quality software tools that millions of people use every day.

Understanding the potential of technology is a critical component of digital transformation, and it is required prior to its effective implementation.

1. The Market Overview of Digital Transformation

The global digital transformation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.6% from $2.27 trillion in 2023 to $8.92 trillion in 2030

The expanding adoption of digital solutions in industries such as BFSI, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing drives global market expansion.

In addition, deployments of various transformation technologies, such as IoT for accelerating the productivity and proficiency of conversion systems, as well as the emergence of industry 4.0, stimulate the demand for digital transformation.

The proliferation of smart devices, rising investment in the IT sector, and the expansion of the networking infrastructure are likely to drive the digital transformation market in the coming years.

2. What is Digital Transformation In Business?

The process of using digital technologies to change traditional and non-digital business processes and services, or to develop new ones, in order to meet changing customer and market expectations, is known as digital transformation.

A fundamental change in how an organization functions, communicates, and interacts with customers is the digital transformation.

The shift towards more digital operations is a disruption of the "traditional" manner of doing things.

3. Top Digital Transformation Goals

Digital transformation enables a company to better serve its key stakeholders, which include customers, workers, partners, and shareholders.

The integration of computer-based digital technologies into business operations enables organizations to do the following:

  • Increase the speed with which new products and services are brought to market
  • Increase employee productivity; increase responsiveness to customer requests
  • Gain more insight into individual customers to better anticipate
  • Personalize products and services
  • Improve customer service, particularly in providing more intuitive and engaging customer experiences.

4. Why You Business Needs To Invest In Digital Transformation?

Every expanding business in today's environment requires digital transformation. The world has changed in so many ways, and businesses should follow suit.

Regardless of your industry or field, your company requires emerging digital technology to succeed in today's marketing landscape.

You may quickly transform your business idea and creativity by utilizing digital technologies.

Digitalization is redefining businesses and creating unique competitive advantages, yet organizations are still hesitant to shift their established business structures. 16% of businesses have begun digital transformation.

Digital transformation can improve digital marketing techniques, resulting in increased revenue and commercial potential.

To capture targeted outcomes and the most apparent prospects, complete expertise and knowledge of digital transformation are essential.

5. Best Successful Digital Transformation In Business

When done correctly, digital transformation propels firms to new heights of success.

If you don't have any digital transformation ideas, look at some of the top examples of digital technology and understand how they maintain their competitiveness in the global market.

  • Domino's

Domino's Pizza is one of the world's largest pizza takeaway businesses, and it has led the way in digital transformation.

Its purpose was to send hot, freshly baked pizzas to customers directly.

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are assisting businesses in achieving high levels of food safety, improving traceability, and lowering costs throughout the various phases of food processing.

The Food and Beverage industry may maximize its growth potential by using the benefits of digital transformation.

  • Netflix

Netflix is the perfect example of a digital transformation; technology has changed tremendously over the years, yet Netflix has constantly evolved and responded to consumer demands.

When people began to demand access to material over the internet, Netflix devised a strategy to meet that need.

Netflix launched its online service in 2006, and while the DVD market shrank dramatically, Netflix continued to thrive.

Netflix's popularity has grown as a result of digital transformation, improved convenience, and an emphasis on user engagement.

6. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Custom Software?

Numerous factors contribute to the complexity and, consequently, the cost of the project. Since no two projects are identical, it is only possible to determine the precise cost after analyzing all of your specifications.

Defining the cost of developing custom software requires a significant amount of investigation, and today we will assist you in defining all the variables that affect your budget estimate.

Custom software development costs range between $40,000 and $160,000. As previously stated, this cost estimate is succinct and only provides a price range for software development.

Actual development costs depend on the pricing structure of the development agency, which typically includes the following:

  • The difficulty of the resolution
  • The style of application
  • The category of software development team
  • Where the development staff is based.

The price of software is dependent on its destination, which determines its required features. For instance, the development of a CRM system, depending on its complexity, could take up to 1500 man-hours and cost up to $150,000 or more.

An e-commerce solution would cost approximately $110,000 and 1,100 hours of labor. The final cost is also dependent on the platform you select: cloud, desktop, or mobile application.

For instance, a typical iOS or Android app would cost approximately $60,000 at 850 working hours, while a booking app would cost approximately $70,000 at 950 working hours.

North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Latin America
Business Analyst
$ 70-110/hour
$ 60-100/hour
$ 40-70/hour
$ 50-70/hour
Project Manager
$ 50-110/hour
$ 50-110/hour
$ 40-60/hour
$ 40-100/hour
$ 40-60/hour
$ 40-60/hour
$ 30-40/hour
$ 25-35/hour
UI/UX Designer
$ 60-130/hour
$ 50-110/hour
$ 30-40/hour
$ 25-35/hour
Back-end Developer
$ 80-150/hour
$ 80-160/hour
$ 55-80/hour
$ 40-80/hour
Front-end Developer
$ 80-150/hour
$ 80-130/hour
$ 45-70/hour
$ 35-70/hour
Mobile Developer
$ 80-170/hour
$ 70-160/hour
$ 50-80/hour
$ 35-80/hour

With the assistance of a skilled development team like Vasundhara Infotech, you can rely on competitive pricing and superior quality, which is precisely what we provide.

How Vasundhara Infotech Can Help You To Digitize Your Business?

Digital transformation has accelerated from being a topic of conversation to a necessity.

With digital transformation, a company's revenue can be increased rapidly. Creating a digital transition can increase the productivity of daily operations.

Consequently, it is possible to conclude that investing in digital transformation is a wise decision for a business.

We trust that you have a better understanding of the significance and benefits of digital transformation in business after reading this blog.

But not sure how to digitize your business? Contact us today and take the first step towards implementing digital transformation in your business.

For traditional businesses, the digital transformation journey is not easy. But the rewards are worth the effort.

At Vasundhara Infotech, We have an expert team of professionals who can help you successfully digitize your business and reach your goals.

We analyze your traditional business by considering the following things:

  • How your company is seen by its consumers and staff in order to find areas for development
  • What the competitive landscape looks like and how developments in your industry may influence your company
  • How we can enable new company models, better working practices, and better customer experiences

With the expert guidance of our team, you'll learn how to identify and capitalize on opportunities, bring new products or services to market and streamline your processes for maximum efficiency.

We can help you unlock your business's full potential in today's digital landscape. Check out our portfolio to know how we helped companies succeed with digital transformation.

Interested in automating your paper-based business processes? Contact us for a consultation, and we will provide you with a competitive quote to digitize your business successfully.

FAQ's for Digitize Business

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to alter a company's business model and create new revenue and value-generating opportunities; it is the transition to a digital business.

Media, professional services, and financial services have the highest degree of digitization in the economy.

Business Model Transformation, Process Automation and Optimization, Digital Product and Service Innovation, Employee Empowerment and Engagement, and Customer Experience are the five primary domains of digital transformation.

The transformation to digital places technology at the center of business strategy. This method can decrease operating costs and inefficiency. It could even alter the trajectory of your organization. With a unified business and technology model, it is simpler to realize future goals.

Digital transformation generates value by altering how a company operates and provides value to its customers. Digital transformation also signifies a shift in business culture, requiring businesses to experiment frequently, challenge the status quo, and embrace failure on occasion.


Bansi Pipaliya

Project Manager of Vasundhara Infotech, a leading Software development company in the india. Her leadership and management abilities have resulted in success.


Have a project in mind? Drop a message to Bansi Pipaliya & start the discussion!

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Have a project in mind? Drop a message to Bansi Pipaliya & start the discussion!

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