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Gain a deeper understanding of the fintech industry, and the top 5 reasons why you should invest in Fintech apps.

Somish Kakadiya

March 14, 2023

Fintech is a rapidly expanding industry. Fintech enterprises, wholly distinct from the finance sector, concentrate on technology developed for the conventional finance sector.

Clearly, this industry is rapidly expanding and contributing an increasing amount of value to our economy.

Entrepreneurs and startup founders worldwide are becoming interested in Fintech, the phrase famous for describing emerging technologies that are upending the status quo of traditional banking.

After all, the Fintech sector has enormous potential and is expected to generate 188 billion euros in revenue by 2024.

With more competitors in the market, there is little doubt that Fintech startups and Fintech app development companies would be able to convince major firms to invest extensively in Fintech software development services.

In this article, we have outlined the growth of Fintech apps in the market, the future of Fintech apps, popular Fintech apps, and finally, top reasons for investing in Fintech app.

1. Fintech App Market Growth

Fintech firms have become appealing to private investors and venture capitalists due to the possibility of supporting the next unicorn. Customers now place more trust in Fintech applications than in conventional banking methods.

According to study, Digital Payments will be the market's largest segment in 2023, with a total transaction value of US$2,041.00 billion.

Furthermore, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), data science, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are actually opening the door to a top-notch user experience. The previous approach to handling finances has significantly changed because of the apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and AliPay.

Fintech firms involved in payment services, cybersecurity, and insurtech are of particular interest to investors, however interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is growing. A Fintech startup called Generate that offers funding options to those who create sustainability projects just raised $2 billion in corporate equity.

2. Why Should You Invest in Fintech?

The Fintech industry is still young and developing in the digital age, but it is expected to take off in the next few years. The Global Digital Payments Market is expected to be worth USD 11.29 trillion by 2026.

Paypal, PhonePe, Paytm, and Google Pay are a few of the top Fintech firms operating successfully in India. A lot of trading firms, like Share Khan and Money Control, are present in the market. A company like Policy Bazaar is an insurance provider that can be added to this list.

Australia's fintech sector has grown up a lot in the past year. Most fintechs are now making money, which is up from 70% in 2021. However, the founders expect big problems in 2023.

Every day, more people are becoming aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology is expected to have applications across a variety of industries. Healthcare, insurance, real estate, and finance are just a few of the businesses.

Fintech apps employ financial technologies to offer services to its consumers. The creation of Fintech applications has received more attention lately. The number of users in the Digital Payments segment is expected to reach 320.20 million by 2027.

The whole economy has been rapidly going digital during the last ten years. For businesses and financial institutions, this has brought up a great deal of new opportunities and challenges.

They have been able to dominate the market and pursue new chances thanks to their decision to work with the best Fintech application development company.

3. Top Popular Fintech App To Inspire Your Startup

Here are three leading Fintech apps you should know about.

  • Robinhood

Robinhood is an app that allows commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency.

It is a brokerage firm that gained popularity mostly as a result of its user-friendly trading software, which makes investing appear simple to some users, and its inexpensive costs in comparison to its competitors.

  • Mint

Mint is a free money management application that lets you track your finances and establish financial objectives. You link it to your bank accounts and credit cards in order to track your spending. With over 25 million users, Mint is among the most popular budgeting tools accessible today.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase is a digital currency wallet that permits the purchase, sale, and storage of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

With over 68 million users, Coinbase is one of the finest Fintech apps for purchasing, storing, and trading cryptocurrencies.

  • Finch

Finch is a hybrid banking and investing application that allows users to earn investment returns by investing their checking amount automatically.

This means that all of your funds are continually working for you while you have fast access to your whole budget, including the invested portion, whenever you need it.

  • Acorns

Acorns has a robo-advisor platform, a checking account, and tax-advantaged IRAs for retirement, making it one of the top Fintech apps for newbie investors.

The application invests spare change from your daily shopping in the stock market.

4. Top Reasons Why You Need To Invest in Fintech App Development

Fintech app solutions have changed the way businesses have done business in the past. Fintech companies have implemented traditional business models, ensuring that businesses will benefit from investing in Fintech mobile app development in 2022 and beyond.

The following are some of the reasons why businesses should invest in Fintech app development.

  • High-driven Security

Security is a significant issue with financial technologies, and blockchain could be the long-awaited solution that makes Fintech apps impenetrable.

Blockchain-based systems can deter targeted attacks or mitigate the effects of a breach due to their distributed architecture and transparency.

Keeping this in mind, the most trustworthy blockchain applications in Fintech are customer identity validation and payment processing security.

Financial fraud often targets Fintech apps, but blockchain can end it. Blockchain, with its shared transactional records, has the potential to be wholly anti-fraud and tamper-proof.

Any action performed on a financial record, editing, copying, deleting, and so on, is automatically recorded on the blockchain, making it impossible to conceal a fraudulent operation.

This makes blockchain particularly effective at combating fraud schemes involving financial statement manipulation, such as overstating losses and understating assets.

  • Reduced Costs

Fintech is popular because it replaces collaborators with a simple and direct method of carrying out transactions. In India, for example, fintech app development cost begin at $300,000 USD.

A well-managed business can save many times this amount by streamlining financial operations with Fintech apps.

Furthermore, automating multiple financial operations reduces process steps and bottlenecks that incur significant processing costs.

Intelligent automated financial transactions combined with well-equipped bookkeeping and accounting programmes assist businesses in completing tasks at a lower cost.

Aside from directly lowering transaction costs, smart and data-driven financial transactions also result in higher Returns on Investment. Because Fintech solutions based on customer data allow for more timely transactions and approvals, this results in more cost savings and increased sales.

It has been discovered that Fintech-powered banks, financial companies, and retailers generate several times more ROI than those who do not use Fintech.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

Fintech is an automated process, so no humans are involved. A Fintech firm can be agile and fast at the same time. Although it provides many other benefits, one of the primary benefits is increased efficiency and time management.

Customers and businesses alike find it more cost effective than traditional options because there are no hidden fees.

When a company chooses financial technology, it is already efficient in its services because Fintech offers extremely specific services. This is why your company should invest in Fintech app development.

  • Ultimate Ease and Convenience

All businesses, including financial institutions, consider ease and convenience to be important factors in boosting customer morale.

Businesses can now ensure more customer satisfaction by embracing Fintech apps and advanced financial transaction technologies, resulting in increased business conversion and a better brand image.

The ease of conducting transactions with a few taps on a handheld screen is assisting businesses in converting more sales than traditional modes of transaction.

Fintech solutions also helped to streamline finance operations and processes by putting simple tools at customers' fingertips.

Cutting-edge technologies are assisting the banking and insurance industries in streamlining disbursement processes based on real-time credit score monitoring and claim settlement processes based on real-time customer data tracking.

  • Improved Experience

A customized Fintech app adds value to your company by transforming traditional processes into more customer-friendly ones.

Because Facebook has around fifty different regulatory licenses in the United States, it allows its users to transfer money via a messenger app.

All of these amenities can significantly improve the user experience, attracting more customers to your business. As a result, you may be able to build a loyal customer base.

To date, over two billion people worldwide lack access to banking services. They are not permitted to have bank accounts or to borrow money in any other way.

They can only save money under their mattress. Surprisingly, developed countries, like developing countries, face this problem.

Many households in Detroit or Miami are unbanked, and the Fintech industry can bridge this gap with a Fintech app.

Ready To Build a Fintech App With Vasundhara Infotech?

Fintech is the right choice to maximize your return on investment and provide the best user experience due to its promising future and consistent technological advancements.

Fintech solutions, which leverage cutting-edge technologies, are assisting businesses in becoming more innovative, agile, customer-centric, and secure than ever before. Banks and financial institutions no longer require Fintech apps; businesses of all types prefer them.

The advantages of financial technologies have already persuaded many businesses to collaborate with Fintech firms in the near future. Approximately 25% of the world's small and medium-sized businesses have chosen Fintech to meet their financial needs, and it would be foolish to place your bets elsewhere.

If you're ready to take advantage of untapped opportunities in the world of Fintech but not sure how to develop a fintech app, then Vasundhara Infotech could be your best Fintech app development company, with years of experience building finance apps, and providing top-notch app development services.

We always take a client-centric approach to provide the highest level of client satisfaction. Furthermore, our expert designers and developers are always ready to take on the most complicated projects to provide the best Fintech app development services.

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FAQ's For Invest In Fintech App

Fintech is a combination of "financial" and "technology." The evolution of an industry in which new technology use-cases are devised and implemented to streamline more conventional-appearing financial activities.

The continuous digitization of financial services and money gives opportunity to establish more accessible and efficient financial services and to foster economic growth. Fintech is rapidly altering the financial sector environment and blurring the lines between financial enterprises and the financial industry.

FinTech is a term used to describe a rapidly growing industry segment that aims to deliver financial services in a more broad, efficient, and innovative manner by leveraging powerful online technologies such as "Big Data" and cloud computing.

In 2023, embedded finance will become a fast expanding fintech technology trend. Embedded finance is the concept of integrating payments for loans, insurance, debit cards, and investment instruments with virtually any non-financial platform.

Fintech is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries worldwide and in the United Kingdom.


Somish Kakadiya

CTO of Vasundhara Infotech, a leading Software development company in the india. His technological interests has helped the company in making useful decisions.


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Have a project in mind? Drop a message to Bansi Pipaliya & start the discussion!

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