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With advanced technology and patients wanting quicker and more convenient care, the need for healthcare apps is on the rise.

Somish Kakadiya

February 16, 2023

A decade ago, when visiting a hospital, one might have imagined a dull and monotonous waiting area, long lines, patients' desperation to see the doctor, and the gloomy expressions on their faces.

However, the situation has altered dramatically in recent years, with the mobile development industry primarily responsible for introducing thriving healthcare applications.

To put it another way, healthcare applications have been the essential forerunner for transcending and reversing the state of the medical and healthcare business.

The digital health market is expected to reach nearly 660 billion dollars by 2025, with a CAGR of nearly 25% from 2019 to 2025.

More than 17% of people between 18 and 29 have health applications installed on their cell phones. Medical mobile application development services improve communication and data management for the healthcare industry.

Read on to this blog to know the current state of the healthcare application market, who needs a healthcare mobile app and the top reasons why you need a healthcare mobile app.

1. The Current Healthcare App Market Overview

Because of the growing popularity of smartphone devices, the health industry has had to reconsider its marketing strategy.

According to an online poll, two-thirds of Americans prefer digital health solutions over traditional approaches. Furthermore, 79% of those polled expressed a strong desire for wearable devices that measure and regulate parameters like heart rate and calories.

Currently, over 97,000 health-related apps are available in the health and fitness category of the Apple app store and Google play store, with approximately 1000 new ones being created each month. This figure is expected to rise by about 25% per year.

There are over 165,000 mobile healthcare apps for Android and iOS development in the respective app stores, and physicians are increasingly prescribing these apps to their patients.

Even though many healthcare applications are available, there is still a high demand for high-quality solutions provided by medical mobile application development services.

Nonetheless, many mHealth applications fall short of expectations. Sluggish navigation, complex layouts, and other issues that detract from the overall experience are common complaints in app review sections.

2. Who Needs Healthcare Mobile App Development?

A quick search for "health apps" on the app store yields a staggering 51,133 apps. According to research, 62% of people prefer to search for a prescribed treatment online before undergoing the procedure. Furthermore, approximately 53% of patients stated that they are likely to seek an alternative treatment to the one prescribed by their doctor. You should consider developing a healthcare mobile app if you’re associated with the following categories.

  • Medical centers
  • Private clinics and private practitioners
  • Laboratory and medical diagnostic centers
  • State hospitals and city hospitals
  • Polyclinic, dispensary and preventive centers
  • Pharmacy
  • Research institutions
  • Psychologists and trainings
  • Wellness centers
  • Surgical centers
  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery centers
  • Women's consultation
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Reproductive, perinatal centers and maternity hospitals
  • Other medical institutions

3. Top 10 Reason Why Your Hospital Needs A Mobile App Development

Here are top 10 reasons why your hospital needs a mobile app development. These reasons will help you simplify complex processes and help in making sound decisions.

  • Remote Assistance

Sometimes medical emergencies occur that necessitate the immediate presence of a doctor.

The case can be handled using a hospital mobile app.

A patient may notify medication personnel. On the other hand, a quick remedy can be administered while assistance is on its way. Immediate assistance to patients in critical situations can boost your hospital's reputation.

  • Automated Scheduling

Nobody wants to stand in line for an appointment. Patients, in particular, would be inconvenienced for an extended amount of time as a result of waiting in line. Appointments in advance would be a fantastic method to limit the number of people waiting in lobbies.

Aside from this, hospitals rely on phone calls or updates on appointments and scheduling. The scheduling feature of the medical mobile app gives your patient a better way to keep track of appointments. Patients who use the correct medical mobile app will not have to wait in line.

  • Convenient Access To Medical Records is Convenient

In a hospital, getting access to patient information is challenging. With modern technology, it is a really effective technique to get extra time. The needed file can be promptly retrieved from the database by management staff.

Instant file access is made simpler by the electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. These are suitable for medical professionals and patients everywhere.

  • Clinical Procedures Can Be Simplified

Doctors and clinicians invest heavily in healthcare app concepts in order to bring about significant change in the healthcare industry. The IoT healthcare market is expected to reach $960.2 billion by 2030, according to a forecast.

There is no doubt that IoT technology has simplified the job of healthcare professionals by allowing them to access information on smart devices connected to patients' bodies.

Aside from that, the convergence of IoT and healthcare has improved resource management. The medical staff will be able to easily keep track of the large stocks and maintain them properly.

  • Cost-Effective

Healthcare apps help to track and control finances, reduce leakages, and reduce manual work, so there is no need for a larger human workforce.

They aid in the reduction of manual labor performed by humans in hospitals, particularly by those responsible for the safekeeping of records and documentation. Because most of the work is automated, hospital management systems help to reduce human resource costs.

If your hospital uses a healthcare app, it will be paperless; it is sufficient to keep the mandatory documents and other related ones in your hospital to meet the regulatory standards.

  • Simplified Billings

Hospitals typically began developing hospital applications to streamline payment methods. These are the best options for controlling money flow from a distance.

Many patients prefer to use contactless technology to pay for services. It's also a quick and easy way to claim medical insurance without going through the lengthy verification process.

Mobile app developers in the healthcare industry have been working hard to create quick bill payment procedures. They are primarily time-saving options for both patients and practitioners.

  • System of Productive Management

Running a hospital, healthcare center, or clinic is not easy. Developing a healthcare app or a medical app, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective option. These are viable options for improving service quality significantly.

A procedure is also a viable cost-cutting solution. Medical mobile applications are the most effective way to manage all of the company's processes. Maintaining your medical facility's app gives you a good reputation among patients.

  • Reduction in Medical Bill Expenses

One of the most significant benefits of healthcare apps has been the reduction of medical bills and expenses. People have always complained about skyrocketing bills and large medical expenses because hospitals charge whatever they want.

However, because some of the tasks can be completed via app, it will help to alleviate the financial burden. You can also select a hospital based on your financial constraints.

  • Long-term Financial Investment

As the healthcare industry grows, patients are looking for a more convenient way to access the facility.

Healthcare app development is one of the best options for improving access and communication between patients and doctors. You would immediately recognise that it is a significant investment for the long term strategy.

  • Improved Patient Engagement

Quality care is more important than ever in today's patient-centered environment. mHealth apps foster engagement by facilitating effective patient-centered care, personalized experiences, and knowledge sharing between providers and patients.

Patients can access and monitor their medical records/prescription details from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to visit hospitals.

  • Less Possibility of Diagnostic Errors

If the doctors make the wrong diagnosis, the patient's health can suffer greatly. Because they are equipped with intelligent diagnostic capabilities and can offer drug predictions, healthcare mobile apps will reduce the error rate.

Physicians will be able to include additional features with mobile applications that have cloud storage for patient records. As a result, errors caused by incorrect deduction of the patients' history will be reduced, and there will be no more missing records.

  • Effective Promotion

Even though other hospitals and clinics are still not leveraging the advantages of mobile technology, a mobile app can help you stand out in the market.

An excellent marketing resource is a mobile app. Through push notifications, it keeps your users informed of the latest news, special offers, promotions, and much more.

You can give your app's users some doctor's advice by sending them push notifications. You may differentiate yourself from the competition and market your services to patients more effectively in this way.

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Ready To Build A Healthcare App With Vasundhara Infotech

To conclude, the healthcare industry is adopting new technologies more quickly than ever before. As a result, investing in mobile health would undoubtedly help your medical firm's revenue and reputation.

However, entering the healthcare app market can be difficult because it requires more experience in back-end development and security standards.

We at Vasundhara Infotech can assist you if you are a healthcare service provider looking to develop a healthcare mobile application.

Vasundhara Infotech a leading mobile app development company with a team of mobile app developers with extensive experience in emerging technologies such as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things).

Let’s talk!

FAQ's For Why Hospital Needs Mobile App

Healthcare apps improve engagement by providing effective patient-centered care, personalized experiences, and knowledge sharing between doctors and patients. Patients can access and monitor their medical records/prescription details from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to visit hospitals.

Healthcare apps are helpful in promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviours, such as self-monitoring and self-management of diabetes and chronic illnesses, as well as the identification of skin cancers.

A healthcare app is a mobile software tool that allows users to send data and monitor their health and health issues. Healthcare apps enable users to obtain medical advice and maintain electronic health records (EHRs). They also assist in the submission of insurance claims.

Apps that synchronize with health platforms or internet-connected devices, such as a fitness tracker, sleep monitor, blood pressure monitor, or an activity or heart rate monitor watch. Apps that diagnose or treat an illness or health condition, or that record data that may be important to diagnosis or therapy.

A health app should have security, customization, user-friendly design, cloud management, AI integration, and other features.


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