Accubow 2021 came into being after overcoming tons of challenges. Checkout the complete story that led to the making of this exceptional version.

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Technology Stack Of the Project

Android Studio


Android Studio


Android Studio


Features List

Dangerous mode for the daredevils

One of the best features of the Accubow 2021 game is its dangerous mode. In this mode, there is an attack from both sides. So, before an animal attacks you, you must kill the animal. This feature bestows an adrenaline rush making the game more adventurous.

Customize your shooting environment

Customize the aura for your game as you do your shooting range and bow sight interface. You can also select an environment along with an animal from the game library.

Compact design for added convenience

The foldable limb design makes it easy for the players to carry the device easily while traveling.

One of its kind

Accubow 2021 is the first of its kind that offers the desired real time experience. Its unity and AR technology helps in measuring accuracy for a realistic simulation. In addition, Accubow is integrated with a hardware that enables end users perform muscle relaxation and rehabilitation exercises.





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