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Uncover the hottest trends in custom 3D mobile game development in this latest blog by Vasundhara Infotech.

Ronak Pipaliya

February 12, 2024

Being at the forefront of innovation is not only an objective but also a need for the gaming industry. The gaming business is pushing the limits of technology, narrative, and gameplay experience with every year that goes by.

The gaming industry is changing and becoming more and more transformed with each modification. 2024 won't be any different. Additionally, the year will see several changes that will advance the sector and bring in millions of new participants in mobile game development.

We've compiled a list of some of the best game development trends for 2024 to help you stay current. 

Interesting Stats About the 3D Mobile Game Development Trends in 2024

It is anticipated that the gaming industry will be worth a total of $339.5 billion by 2027.

By 2030, mobile gaming revenue is projected to reach $272 billion, according to a report by GlobalData.

The player investment in the Google Play and App Store is projected to reach $138 billion by 2025.

It is anticipated that gaming applications will account for 42% of App Store revenue and 71% of Google Play revenue by 2025.

The valuation of the worldwide augmented reality (AR) gaming market peaked at $8.4 billion in 2022.

The augmented reality (AR) gaming market is anticipated to reach $90.32 billion by 2031, expanding at a CAGR of 30.2%.

Top Game Development Trends in 2024

Constantly adapting to new developments and trends, the gaming industry evolves with each passing year. Here is a comprehensive list of the top game development trends in 2024 that contribute to growth and development.

  • Immersive Technologies 

Over time, immersive technologies have expanded substantially. Their range of applications has expanded to include, among others, the gambling and healthcare industries. 

Intrusive and immersive gaming experiences are the primary motivation for the incorporation of immersive technologies into the 3D mobile game development process.  

Immersive technologies that are frequently implemented include virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). 

Game developers have persistently investigated the boundless possibilities of these technologies in 2024, continually challenging the boundaries of interactive gameplay.  

Enhanced hardware capabilities have facilitated player interaction in virtual environments via immersive technologies. 

Virtual reality-enabled games immerse players in more engaging, realistic, and captivating realms. 

This trend exemplifies the industry's dedication to offering participants innovative and customized methods of interaction and engagement within virtual environments.  

  • Cross-Platform Play 

The quantity and diversity of devices utilized by enthusiasts have surged substantially. The primary factor driving this is the demand for enhanced convenience in gaming experiences. 

In 2024, as a consequence, game developers were compelled to create an increased number of games that are compatible with multiple platforms. 

The exponential growth of this trend has resulted in the dismantling of barriers between various gaming environments. 

The ability to play identical games on mobile devices, consoles, and laptops enhances the portability and convenience of gaming.  

Among enthusiasts, cross-platform play fosters a sense of community and inclusiveness. Furthermore, it expands the pool of potential players and fosters partnerships and healthy competition. In essence, it expands the pool of potential gamers by establishing a more cohesive gaming environment that prioritizes players' inclinations over constraints imposed by specific platforms.  

  • Cloud Gaming 

One cannot compile a list of the most significant trends in game development for 2024 without including cloud gaming. 

At the outset, gaming was quite costly. Hardware components, including consoles and other critical gaming infrastructure, require players to make investments. Nevertheless, this is no longer the situation.  

The gaming industry has witnessed cloud gaming's increasing appeal in 2024, primarily due to the widespread accessibility of high-speed internet and progress in cloud infrastructure. 

Instead of investing in high-end hardware, players have the option to effortlessly access and engage in their preferred games through online platforms.   

Why, then, remote gaming? This trend effectively eliminates the constraints on entry for gamers, granting them access to an extensive collection of titles across various devices. 

Additionally, cloud gaming enhances the convenience of gaming by enabling users to participate from any location and at any moment, provided they have a connected internet connection. 

With the continuous advancement of technology, cloud gaming is poised to significantly transform the sector by facilitating accessibility and revolutionizing how gamers interact with their preferred games.  

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are two revolutionary technologies that can substantially alter the gaming industry. 

The level of technological integration into the creation of video games has escalated significantly since 2024.  

Using AI and ML, game developers can design technologies that are more immersive and responsive. Non-player characters (NPCs) propelled by AI demonstrate enhanced functionalities and conduct. 

They are dynamically adaptable to the strategies and actions of the participants. In pool billiards pro, for instance, the player may face off against a "computer" in the form of an AI-powered NPC. 

Additionally, the difficulty level can be customized to provide a more strenuous gaming experience.  

ML algorithms are also utilized to customize gameplay, modify obstacles, and anticipate player preferences in real-time. 

This phenomenon has brought about a significant paradigm shift in the gaming industry through the customization of missions, narratives, and environments to suit the preferences of individual players.  

  • Mobile Gaming  

Mobile gaming has emerged as a contemporary phenomenon. The number of mobile gamers is projected to reach 2.3 billion by 2027, or more than a quarter of the world's population, according to Statista.  

As the demand for mobile games continues to rise, game developers have produced an increased number of mobile-compatible games in 2024. 

These games feature simplified game mechanics and brief play sessions. Consequently, they operate effortlessly on mobile devices that have restricted computational capabilities.  

  • Hyper-Casual Gaming 

Hardcore gamers frequently have a preference for lengthy, labor-intensive, and complex games. But not everyone is an avid player. And here's where ultra-casual games enter the picture.  

The rules for playing hyper-casual games are simple. In addition, they are designed to be played quickly, which makes them ideal for infrequent players. 

The demand for hyper-casual games has had a notable surge in 2024, as an increasing number of players are engaging in gaming during their routine tasks, including using the restroom and traveling.  

As a result, more extremely casual games are now available. Because these games don't require a lot of resources, more players can play them. 

The growing need for entertainment that can be enjoyed while on the go may lead to the creation of more hyper-casual games in the future.  

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Final Notes

The mobile gaming industry is experiencing consistent growth. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends is crucial for mobile game development companies aiming to create lucrative titles. 

This year, there is a persistent focus on emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. 

The primary focus is on enhancing player engagement and retention through features such as social play and live events.

The gaming industry will experience significant changes and introduce novel adventures in 2024. 

The current state of the gaming industry will be transformed into one that is more thrilling and novel. 

Therefore, now is an opportune moment to establish communication with a game development firm to invest in video games.

Partner with reputed unity game development company like Vasundhara Infotech to get started with custom 3D mobile game development.

FAQs By 3D Mobile Game Development.

Current trends include the widespread adoption of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) features, real-time multiplayer capabilities, advanced AI integration for enhanced gaming experiences, and the utilization of blockchain technology for in-game assets and transactions.

AR has become increasingly crucial in mobile game development, providing immersive experiences by blending digital elements with the real world. It enhances user engagement, encourages social interaction, and opens up new possibilities for innovative gameplay mechanics.

Game developers often lean towards popular engines like Unity and Unreal Engine for creating 3D mobile games. These engines offer a robust set of tools, a large community for support, and the ability to deploy games across multiple platforms, making them ideal choices for custom 3D game development.

AI plays a significant role in enhancing gameplay through features like intelligent NPCs, personalized gaming experiences, and adaptive difficulty levels. Machine learning algorithms are also being utilized for better player retention by analyzing user behavior and preferences.


Ronak Pipaliya

Project Manager at Vasundhara Infotech, a leading software development company. His great planning and execution qualities led to several successful projects.


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