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A game is a competitive or fun activity to play and refresh your mind. New game development ideas always attract players and make them stick to your game.

Agnesh Pipaliya

August 15, 2022

Games are becoming the best friends of humans. Many games help to develop practical skills, serve as a form of exercise, or perform an educational and psychological role. Usually, games are not addictive, but overuse of anything can be harmful.

Every year has been full of surprises, a fresh game idea will make a user explore more and have better options to choose from. According to GlobeNewswire research, the global market growth of the game was at USD 1,18,190 million in 2021 and it is expected to reach USD 2,73,950 million in 2028.

Game App Ideas Examples
1. Card GamesRummy, Solitaire, Mindi cote, Spades, Blackjack21
2. Board GamesLudo, Snake & ladder king, Carrom, Tile connect, Hive with AI
3. Fantasy SportsDream11, My11Circle, MPL, ESPN fantasy sports, BIG WIN Hockey
4. Racing Game AppsAsphalt 9, Traffic Rider, GT car stunt master 3D, CarRacing.io
5. Children's Mobile GameBusy shapes, Baby phone for kids, ABC kids, Prodigy Math, Baby Piano
6. Educational GamesBusiness board game, Chess, Lumosity: Brain training, Brain fire, NeuroNation
7. Puzzle GamesCandy crush, Sudoku, Crosswords puzzle game, Mahjong, Word riddles
8. Action GamesCall of Duty, Garena Free Fire, PUBG mobile, Zombie shooter-survival games
9. Casino Game AppsCasino frenzy, Betway app, Caesars Casino, Grand cash casino slots
10. Strategic GamesSly the Spire, Army tank war machine, Clash of clans, Ball and Brick
11. AR Game AppsPokemon GO, Accubow 2021, Knightfall AR, OculAR-Drive AR cars

11 Brainstorming Mobile Game Ideas

1. Card Games

Any game including cards like UNO, Solitaire, and much more, are included in card games. Countless card games exist in various modes or types and sometimes it enables players to fetch real money. In this fast-growing world, these games deliver the desired entertainment for targeted players.

It became challenging for developers to keep pace with the increasing demands. After the covid outbreak, card games gained more importance because of the rising variations in this category. You can make your game stand out by adding more variations and options and enhancing the UI. Game Example

Rummy Game

It is a game that includes a collection of matching cards of the same rank or sequence. Rummy game's basic goal is to build either sets or runs. People do gambling to win money. And this skilled game is legal to play for cash because it offers a real transaction method and simplified the cash withdrawal process for players.

2. Board Games

Board games are also equally in demand among the players. These are tabletop games that use pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked board. It has become more fascinating with the use of the latest tools and technologies. Its diverse options with compelling content are the finest boost to a gaming business.

It is a game that is played by the majority of people because there is no age restriction in this game. So developing this kind of game will make you stand out in the competitive sector. You can make your board game more creative so that people would want to play it again. Game Example


It is the most played game among friends and families all around the world. It is played with four tokens from start to finish according to rolling dice. It is quite user-friendly and offers fantastic features to attract people's interest. Such as chit-chat, and coins collection to play advanced versions and have fun.

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This famous gaming app is played with a strategy to win. Developing apps like this will be played forever and never go out of trend. You can make it attractive and unique for a mass audience. You can also offer it as a customized game to play with more than four people. And this will require a ludo board in a hexagon or other shapes. 

3. Fantasy Sports Games

This game is played online where participants create imaginary or virtual teams of real players. And the earned points on real-life statistics are converted into fantasy points. The greater your fantasy points, the better your player performs in real life.

Every people have their preferences in playing games. Fantasy sports game content is created accordingly to boost their interest and make dreams a reality. In this app, interactive technologies are used to make it highly immersive for the players. Game Example


It is the most popular game that is played on a worldwide level. The result of this game is determined by several considerations, including the toss, pitch/ weather conditions, and team score. It is a fantastic system that stimulates real-world cricket.

One such app is Dream11, and there is a demand for more in the market. This gaming app has squadmates, an opposition team, a scoreboard, and other features used in actual cricket. Creating an app like this will serve as a perfect forum, program, or guide for both players and bettors.

4. Racing Mobile Games

Increasing demands have brought racing games to the top. It provides a wide range of innovations and dynamism for the players. It is for people who are passionate about speed and accuracy in digital games. In today's competitive world, advanced technologies have created a craze among tech-savvy players. Game Example

Car & Bike Racing

These types of games attract adults and children mostly. It offers a variety of cars for players to race and compete with other players. It has a challenging track for driving and reaching the destined location. It brings out fun to crack the easy to hard levels by walking through the difficult situations. 

Developing this type of game will be beneficial to you. Make your game more creative with a captivating story, add power-ups to enhance the races, the best graphic scenes, and much more.

5. Children Mobile Games

Everything is famous for kids nowadays, whether it is games or other stuff. All of it gets popular in the market when it comes to children's things. And kids love to play a variety of games to have fun. It is not only for fun, but it also motivates them to learn a lot of new topics. Because visuals have a greater impact on our thoughts than writing. Game Example

Alphabet-Rhyming Game

This game makes children learn alphabets, letters, numbers, rhymes, and other concepts quickly. It is a cartoon-filled game that helps the kids in recognizing, understanding, and learning the topics and poems. There were images used to make it more exciting for kids.

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Developing an educational game will be beneficial for kids as it will be a fun way to learn, and parents will also support the children in playing your game. You can create more appealing and animated images or videos to make it different from other applications available on the play store.

6. Education Games

This type of game teaches users about a specific subject or skill. Hence, it is made for kids and students of all ages. It encourages them to do mind exercises and develop social skills such as observation skills, building confidence, problem-solving skills, and much more they can learn. Game Example

General Knowledge Game

Developing this kind of game has two purposes- entertainment and awareness. General knowledge is essential for every competitive exam. It has multiple-choice questions with detailed answers on it. And it covers subjects from all walks of life to make readers well prepared for it.

Users can opt for a quiz-type, or animated game with some new topics. And after certain levels, it offers users rewards to make it more interesting to play. 

7. Puzzle Games

A puzzle is a game to find a solution to a problem logically. Playing this game will test a person's knowledge and sharp mind. It helps users to learn problem-solving skills and improves their concentration power. Game Example

Word Search Game

This game offers users to increase their vocabulary and sharpen their minds. It has three types of levels to play: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Users can select the level according to their knowledge and test their vocab with it. Just like we have a word search game in newspapers and magazines. 

Developing puzzle games will let the users enjoy their peaceful time without wasting it somewhere. It is like a brain teaser game that sharpens users' minds. It is obvious to have many similar games in the app store, but you can make it different by adding HD pictures and voice technology to make them learn pronunciation and have an engaging user experience.

8. Action Games

It is a video game that focuses on physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time. They are available in a large variety of categories, such as fighting, shooter, survival, platform, and many more games. Games Example

Detective Game

In this game, users have to play the role of a detective to solve various criminal cases and catch the real culprit. There are thrilling stories and interesting plots to make users stick to this game. It includes spectacular graphics and thrilling sounds to create an outstanding experience. 

9. Casino Games

A casino game includes activities like cards, dice, and a random numbers game to make players gamble cash on various possible random outcomes or combinations of outcomes. It gives an opportunity to earn real money by playing this type of game. Game Example

Poker Games

It is a well-known card game that comes in the category of casino games. It includes elements like social network sign-in, daily incentives, and so on. It can be made more interesting with various variations in it.

10. Strategic Games

A strategic game includes tactical, and sometimes logistical challenges, which are different from puzzle games. It makes users improve their decision-making skills. And the representative nature of the challenges allows improving the skills in real life. Game Example


This game helps users to get a greater understanding of strategic moves and strategies for winning. It also offers hints for beginners to make the best move possible. Developing games like this will get the attention of both novice and professional players.

11. AR Games

A user's actual environment is integrated or overlaid on top of a pre-created scene in an augmented reality game. It is the integration of visual and audio content with the user's environment in real-time.

For example, Zombies Run, Pokemon Go, Ingress, and many more. It has interesting storytelling that makes players join the battleground and start fighting. Hence, it uses the phone's GPS to have the real-world location in the game. 


Mobile games hold the major market share of the development sector. They are great for investment and make you earn long-term profits. In this blog, we have mentioned eleven mobile game ideas with an example that will help you in deciding on your next game project. There are many IT companies as well that provide game development services for user-engaging games quickly.

FAQ's For Mobile Game Development

The way to amplify your creativity and get ideas on your own is to brainstorm your ideas, discover something new within existing genres, create a fusion of two different game elements, get inspiration from the real world, and relax your mind to have some fresh ideas.

During game development, you have to discover the best ideas, create a strategy, use technology, make game plans, develop, design, test, and launch your game app successfully.

Creating a prototype of your game idea will make you learn a lot of things. If it is a fun game, you can start the development process, but if not, you have to either improve it or think of another idea.

The game development time depends on the type of game being produced. More complex games will take around three to five years to develop. Whereas, mobile game development will take only a few months to develop.

The highest-grossing games in 2022 are Tencent publisher's Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. They have created approximately $238.2 million in player spending.


Agnesh Pipaliya

COO of Vasundhara Infotech, a leading Software development company in the USA. His technological interests has helped the company in making useful decisions.


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Have a project in mind? Drop a message to Bansi Pipaliya & start the discussion!

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